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Global Semiconductor Equipment Billings Jump 38% YoY in Q3 2021
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Stanford Physicists Help Create Time Crystals with Quantum Computers
New Today | Stanford University
Comtech Awarded 5G Contract with Canadian Tier-One Carrier
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Qualcomm, Google Cloud Collaborate on Neural Architecture Search for the Connected Intelligent Edge
New Today | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
CEOs Call on Congress to Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Research, Design, Manufacturing
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Siemens Expands Collaboration with AWS to Facilitate Cloud-Based Digital Transformation for Industry
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SEMICON West 2021 to Gather Visionaries to Explore New Semiconductor Supply Chain Strategies, Opportunities
11/30/2021 | SEMI
Cigniti Enhances its 5G Assurance Focus with innovate5G Partnership
11/30/2021 | Business Wire
IoT CMP Vendors Add eSIM Management Capabilities to Simplify Logistics, Localize Connectivity
11/30/2021 | Berg Insight
Introducing Intel’s Long-Term Retention Lab
11/30/2021 | Intel

Excerpt: The System Designer’s Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 3

November 1, 2021 | Brad Griffin, Cadence Design Systems

The third chapter of this book, "Limitations of Today's Electronic System Design", focuses on the variety of limitations that today’s electronics system designers face as data becomes evermore complex and the industry seeks alternatives past Moore’s law.

Excerpt: The System Designer’s Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 2

October 7, 2021 | Brad Griffin, Cadence Design Systems

In Chapter 2 of this book, the subject involves the challenges in the design and development of data center systems. With the exponential growth in data center infrastructure for IT networking, numerous challenges have emerged, from limited ecosystems to high-performance computing issues. There are many constraints to building data centers and updating the equipment in them. Planning is critical in managing increased capacity in the existing data center space.

Averatek Pushing Boundaries of Additive and Semi-Additive Processes

July 12, 2021 | Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium show in Atlanta, I met with Tara Dunn, I-Connect007 columnist and VP of marketing and business development for Averatek. We sat down at the show and discussed the past year and a half, and after joking about how we felt like we were on an episode of The Twilight Zone, Tara gave me an update on Averatek’s continuing research into additive and semi-additive technologies.

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IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Preview Featuring:

  • John Mitchell: Focus on the Future
  • Industry Market Drivers, Inflation and the Supply Chain with Shawn DuBravac 
  • IPC Standards Committees: Thoughts on a Changing Landscape with Teresa Rowe 
  • Francisco Fourcade: Meeting During a Pandemic with Francisco Fourcade
  • Keynotes Educate and Entertain Featuring David Pogue
  • What to Expect Regarding COVID Restrictions by Alicia Balonek 
  • The Value of Training Committees by Zenaida Vallanu

Test and Inspection Featuring:

  • Test and Inspection: Far Beyond Opens and Shorts, with Todd Kolmodin 
  • Fascinating Opportunities in Flying Probe Testing, with Peter Brandt 
  • New Methods for Quantifying Potential PCB Design Weaknesses and Manufacturing Challenges, with Gerry Partida 
  • Test and Inspection: Competitive Advantage and Cost of Doing Business, with Charlie Capers 
  • Alex Stepinski: A Philosophical View
  • The New Electrical Test—Riding the Wave, by Todd Kolmodin

Herding Cats Featuring:

  • Data Management: It’s A Lot Like Herding Cats, by Andy Shaughnessy 
  • A PCB Design Data Management Overview, a conversation with John Watson, Dugan Karnazes, and Patryk Akhurst 
  • Manage Your Data and Document Everything, by Tamara Jovanovic 
  • Say 'No' to File Hoarding: Data Management Tips, by Tim Haag 
  • Solid Data Management Key to Accurate Quotes, by David Gronner  
  • IP Reuse Enables a Digital Transformation, by David Wiens 
  • Cost of Compliance and How Data Transfer Standards Can Help, by Patrick Crawford
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