2021 Growth Year for 5G Handsets; Mobile Experts Releases Road Map for COVID Recovery

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2020 is in our rear-view mirror, and after a 10% decline, this year's smartphone shipments are bouncing back. How much, and what happens next?

Mobile Experts just released a key guide to RF market in 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G terminals, from phones and tablets to IoT devices. Front End Modules combining PA, filter, switch, and millimeter wave functions are also included, as well as quadplexers, antennaplexers, and other specialty RF components. This report, titled RF Front Ends for Mobile Devices 2021, represents the culmination of ten years of tracking the market closely and is widely known as the most accurate market model for mobile handsets worldwide.

According to the report, rapid transfer of new technology coming from premium 5G handsets to mid-tier and low-tier handsets is happening at an unprecedented rate.

"The introduction of 5G has accelerated the need for RFFE component integration," commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara. "Some handset OEMs have embraced integrated RF for many years, with Apple being the most prominent. Other suppliers of premium LTE handsets from 2015-2019, like Samsung and Huawei, also adopted more integrated solutions. Integration is the clear trend and dollar growth will come from the inclusion of antenna tuning and mmW functions in handsets."

Including 160 pages of analysis and 135 charts and figures, this forecast has been developed with Mobile Experts' signature clarity and precision for those vested in 5G and RFFE. Accurate expectations of the market will prove critical in the near future.

"The adoption of 5G-capable phones is happening faster than ever. This year, after only 2 years of initial introduction of 5G networks, 35% of all smartphones will be 5G. Over the next few years, we will hit more than 75%. Mid-tier and low-tier conversions to 5G will drive significant growth and a huge demand for filters, and the premium tier will drive robust demand for millimeter wave," commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara.


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