Chery Expected to Realize L4 Highly Autonomous Driving Technology In 2025

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Recently, Chery has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BOE, a leading Internet of Things (IOT) innovation enterprise in the world, and the two sides would have in-depth cooperation in the fields of smart cabin solutions, cutting-edge technology research and development, and smart scene solutions etc. Before this, Chery had developed strategic cooperative partnership with leading high-tech companies in China such as Huawei would jointly develop smart cars for the future.

In the context of the ongoing automobile technology revolution, Chery takes the lead to introduce the intelligent networking technology and accelerates the transformation from a traditional automobile manufacturer to a high-tech Internet enterprise. In 2018, Chery released its intelligent brand strategy covering Chery’s intelligent planning in the full-life cycle, ranging from R&D, manufacturing, marketing to services. The "Lion Cloud OS" - an intelligent network system - has now evolved to version 4.0, which has implemented such AI technologies as enhanced intelligent voice interaction, AI face recognition and Chery Smart AI Cloud etc., and has been installed in the core products - Tiggo and Arrizo, now having more than 500,000 users. At present, Chery has realized mass production of cars with L2.5 autonomous driving technology and put them on the market, and is expected to realize L4 highly autonomous driving technology in 2025.

As a leading automobile brand in China, Chery consistently insists on independent research and development, and is honored as "Tech Chery". In terms of new energy technology, Chery launched its first pure electric vehicle (EQ1) with lightweight all-aluminum body as a Chinese automobile brand. Chery’s new energy product ranges will be extended into all market segments, from class A to class C car products and from class B to class D SUV products, covering PHEV, BEV, EREV, electric four-wheel drive and hydrogen fuel cell new energy vehicles. At the Shanghai auto show in April this year, EQX is showed with L4 automatic driving function, showing Chery's future development direction of new energy vehicles.

Based on the profound accumulation of conventional fossil-fueled vehicle, new energy and intelligent technologies, and by establishing strategic cooperation other leading global high-tech companies, Chery is accelerating the development of smart cars for the future, and is committed to providing a brand-new automobile lifestyle in the era of intelligent interconnection.


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