The First Ever Metaverse Chain Tour Digital Human CEO was Born

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Human beings are moving towards the meta-universe step by step. With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud rendering, dynamic capture and other technologies, virtual digital people have gradually entered the public's field of vision.

On September 10th, Yolanda Snow, the first digital CEO of metaverse chain tour in history, was born. According to the data, she came from Vietnam, managed Yohero, a Vietnamese meta-universe game, and played the role of game CEO, leading the digital citizens of metaverse to fight bravely.

This digital person is the same as AYAYI, which was a big hit before, and is an avatar created by the engine. Just like the movie "Free Guy", human beings can communicate with code characters. Yolanda Snow will perform all the management and diplomatic affairs as the queen of Yohero Planet, which will be the first digital CEO in the metaverse world in history.

YoHero is an Axie Infinity 2.0 metaverse world developed by SM team of Axie Infinity's early core community based on BSC. In YoHero metaverse, players can collect and raise fantasy creatures (YOLO), and enjoy the combination of entertainment and earning through the battles and summoning of YOLOs. YoHero metaverse has built a digital world for "earning while playing", in which the functions of monetary assets, social ways and social forms have been realized. P2E (play to earn) model aims to provide a brand-new way to realize the entertainment business on the chain for 2 billion potential people who have dropped out of employment because of the epidemic. It is reported that Yohero is a card battle game similar to Axie Infinity, which will be opened for presale at the end of September 2021.


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