BLT Introduces Revolutionary Changes to the Xilinx Training Market

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BLT (formerly Bottom Line Technologies), a U.S.-owned and operated engineering design services firm and Xilinx Authorized Training Provider, announced yesterday that it is transforming the Xilinx training industry by sharply reducing pricing and launching other strategic initiatives.

Xilinx's programmable silicon relies on end-customer created designs. Engineers who know how to best use Xilinx's tools create better designs and get to market more quickly. BLT has announced that it is lowering prices on all its nationally offered online Xilinx training courses by two-thirds. This strategic shift is not a sale or limited-time offer, BLT confirms: "This is the future of Xilinx training at BLT."

BLT has also announced a new guarantee: Every class is now guaranteed to run. The Xilinx training industry has been plagued with canceled classes due to low student interest. BLT's new policy ensures that customers seeking Xilinx training courses – even specialty ones – can count on attending the classes for which they're enrolled.

This is a major move within the chip manufacturing and engineering design service worlds, promising to make Xilinx training more accessible and affordable than ever. Xilinx is the inventor of FPGA, SoCs and MPSoC technologies, demand for which is surging worldwide. By dramatically lowering prices and improving training services, BLT is positioning itself to be the market leader in Xilinx training and expand its reputation as a provider of custom Xilinx design services in the U.S.

All courses will continue to be taught by BLT's experienced design engineers. The content of the courses will not change, and BLT has announced additional plans to make online Xilinx training even more accessible. 

"BLT's new model makes world-class training more accessible to our Clients, while growing our relationships and expanding the overall Xilinx marketplace," says Ed McCauley, President. "This is a win-win-win."


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