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Rice Research: AI Technology No Silver Bullet for Hiring the Best Employees
11/22/2021 | Rice University
Keysight, Proventia Collaborate to Optimize Electric Vehicle Battery Test Solutions
11/22/2021 | Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Ericsson to Acquire Vonage for $6.2 Billion
11/22/2021 | PRNewswire
Qualcomm Sets New Growth Targets and Financial Guidance Through Fiscal 2024
11/22/2021 | Qualcomm Incorporated
Samsung Foundry Adopts New Tempus SPICE-Accurate Aging Analysis for High-Reliability Applications
11/22/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Ford, Purdue Patent Charging Station Cable for Quick EV Charge Research
11/19/2021 | Purdue University
Finnish Tampere Deck Arena Now Nokia Arena
11/19/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Realtek, Ansys Accelerate Complex IC Design for RFIC & High-Speed IC with Advanced Simulation Workflow
11/19/2021 | ANSYS
Intel’s Habana Labs Announces Turnkey AI Training Solution
11/19/2021 | Intel
Siemens Adds NVH System Prediction Capabilities to Simcenter Portfolio
11/19/2021 | Siemens
DuPont, Kempur Microelectronics Announce Collaboration
11/18/2021 | DuPont
Cadence Integrity 3D-IC Platform Qualified by Samsung Foundry for Native 3D Partitioning Flow on 5LPE Design Stack
11/18/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Synopsys Full EDA Flow First to Achieve Samsung Foundry 4LPP Process Certification
11/18/2021 | PRNewswire
Pushing the Limits of Electronic Circuits
11/18/2021 | MIT
SIA Applauds Bicameral Agreement on Path Forward for USICA
11/18/2021 | SIA
Nokia Announces Entry into Software-as-a-Service for CSPs with Multiple Services
11/17/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Samsung Foundry Adopts Cadence Liberate Trio Characterization Suite for 3nm Production Library
11/17/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Siemens Extends Support of Multiple IC Design Solutions for Samsung Foundry’s Process Tech
11/17/2021 | Siemens
Weak Bonds a Strength in Making Borophene
11/16/2021 | Rice University
Qualcomm, BMW Group to Extend Their Long-Lasting Technology Collaboration to Automated Driving
11/16/2021 | PRNewswire
Stanford Professors to be Honored for Excellence in Semiconductor Research
11/16/2021 | SIA
Lattice Acquires Mirametrix
11/16/2021 | Lattice Semiconductor
Ansys Multiphysics Solutions Achieve Certification for Samsung’s 3nm, 4nm Process Technologies
11/15/2021 | ANSYS
Athonet Announces Bring Your Own RAN Program for Private Networks
11/15/2021 | PRNewswire
Cadence Wins Four 2021 TSMC OIP Partner of the Year Awards
11/15/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
DOCOMO Develops Blade-free Drone Fitted with High-res Camera and LEDs
11/15/2021 | JCN Newswire
Keysight’s 5G Test Platforms Selected by Ti Group for Wireless Device Conformance Validation
11/12/2021 | Business Wire
Nokia Calls for Accelerated Digitalization and Green Energy Uptake
11/12/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Empower Semiconductor Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Mouser Electronics
11/12/2021 | PRWEB
Siemens’ AM Network to Facilitate Additive Manufacturing Workflow, Collaboration at Schaeffler
11/12/2021 | Siemens

Untangling Quantum Information at Columbia
11/11/2021 | Columbia University
FORESEE SPI NAND Flash: A Must-have Chip for 5G Devices
11/11/2021 | PRNewswire
Samsung, Orange Collaborate to Advance 5G Networks to a New Level
11/11/2021 | Samsung
Storing Energy in Plants with Electronic Roots
11/11/2021 | Linköping University
SEMICON West 2021 Hybrid to Highlight Solutions to Global Challenges, Smart Technologies, Talent
11/11/2021 | SIA
Surrey Researchers Reveal the Hidden Behaviour of Supercapacitor Materials
11/10/2021 | University of Surrey
OE-A Business Climate Survey – Printed Electronics Industry Proves Resilience
11/10/2021 | OE-A
Renesas Expands 5G mmWave Beamformer Portfolio With Transmitter Output Power Capability
11/10/2021 | Business Wire
Samsung Develops Industry’s First LPDDR5X DRAM
11/10/2021 | Business Wire
IBM Study: CIOs' Influence is Growing as Technology Becomes Core to Surveyed Enterprises
11/09/2021 | IBM
Altair Relaunches Startup Program
11/09/2021 | Altair
Ansys Selected by Panasonic Automotive for Future Mobility Technology
11/09/2021 | ANSYS
KLA Announces Grand Opening of $200 Million Second Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan
11/09/2021 | PRNewswire
IDC FutureScape: Top 10 Predictions for the Future of Digital Infrastructure
11/08/2021 | Business Wire
Navitas Introduces Third Generation GaN Power IC with GaNSense Technology
11/08/2021 | PRNewswire
Ambarella Closes Acquisition of Oculii
11/08/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Gatik, Walmart Achieve Fully Driverless Deliveries
11/08/2021 | Business Wire
SEMI: Global Silicon Wafer Shipments Reach Record High in Q3 of 2021
11/08/2021 | SEMI
Researchers Discover Predictable Behavior in Promising Material for Computer Memory
11/05/2021 | Georgia Tech
5G mmWave Large-Scale Rollout: IDTechEx Discusses If and When
11/05/2021 | PRNewswire
Siemens Named 'Leader' in Industrial Internet-of-Things Software Platforms Q3 2021 Report
11/05/2021 | Siemens
Samsung, Alphawave IP Announce Acceleration of Deep Partnership
11/05/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Qualcomm Collaborates with NEC to Develop 5G Open and Virtualized Solutions
11/05/2021 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
SensiML Teams with onsemi for Industrial Edge AI Sensing Applications
11/04/2021 | PRNewswire
Annual DRAM Revenue for 2022 Expected to Reach US$91.5 Billion
11/04/2021 | Business Wire
Intel Powers New Azure Confidential Computing VMs
11/04/2021 | Intel
Enhanced Touch Screens Could Help You ‘Feel’ Objects
11/04/2021 | Steve Kuhlmann, Texas A&M University College of Engineering
IBM, NeuReality Team Up to Build the Next Generation of AI Inference Platforms
11/03/2021 | Meirovitch PR
Keysight Enables NEC Europe to Verify Performance of Open RAN Equipment
11/03/2021 | Business Wire
Kebotix on Cusp of 'Promising' OLED Breakthrough
11/03/2021 | PRNewswire

JMA Wireless, Kyocera to Accelerate 5G Deployment Across Japan
11/02/2021 | PRNewswire
Army Grants to Bolster Unique, New Semiconductor Fab Facility
11/02/2021 | University of Arkansas
proteanTecs UCT Supports TSMC 3nm Process Technology to Accelerate Lifecycle Health Monitoring
11/02/2021 | PRNewswire
DENSO Contributes to a Decarbonized Society by Providing SiC Power Semiconductors
11/02/2021 | JCN Newswire
Why Is Sound the Best Way to Connect Headless IoT Devices – Trillbit
11/02/2021 | Business Wire
NICE AI, Robotics Technology Reduces Complexities for Key UK Government Agency
11/02/2021 | Business Wire
Q3 Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 27.6% YoY
11/02/2021 | SIA

Excerpt: The System Designer’s Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 3

The third chapter of this book, "Limitations of Today's Electronic System Design", focuses on the variety of limitations that today’s electronics system designers face as data becomes evermore complex and the industry seeks alternatives past Moore’s law.
New Material Could Pave Way for Better, Safer Batteries
11/01/2021 | Brown University
Elbit Systems Expands Reliance on Sustainable Energy
11/01/2021 | Elbit Systems
SIA Commends Inclusion of Modified FABS Act in Reconciliation Package
11/01/2021 | SIA
AmpliTech to Expand Manufacturing Capacity and Enhance Operating Efficiency
11/01/2021 | GlobeNewswire
Cadence Extends Battery Life, Improves User Experience for Next-Generation Devices
10/29/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
In the 5G Era, Parallel NAND Flash Came Into Being
10/29/2021 | PRNewswire
Advantest Acquires R&D Altanova
10/29/2021 | GlobeNewswire
SEMI Applauds Inclusion of Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit in New Bill
10/29/2021 | SEMI
Renesas Acquires Celeno to Expand Connectivity Portfolio
10/28/2021 | Business Wire
Samsung, Ciena Join Forces to Offer 5G Network Solutions
10/28/2021 | Samsung
Apple Joins New imec's Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies and Systems (SSTS) Research Program
10/28/2021 | PRNewswire
Electrical Control Over Designer Quantum Materials
10/27/2021 | ETH Zurich
Cadence Integrity 3D-IC Platform Supports Advanced Multi-Chiplet Designs
10/27/2021 | Cadence Design Systems
Equinix Levels Up UK Digital Economy with £61 Million Manchester Data Center
10/27/2021 | PRNewswire
Samsung, IBM Announce Call for Code Challenge To Honor Everyday Heroes
10/27/2021 | Samsung
SEMICON Europa 2021 to Spotlight Smart Technologies, Digital Transformation, Semiconductor Industry Growth
10/26/2021 | SEMI
Qualcomm IoT Solutions Power Modern Smart Warehouse by Zyter for OneScreen
10/26/2021 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Siemens Collaborates with TSMC on Design Tool Certifications
10/26/2021 | Siemens
Quantum Material to Boost Terahertz Frequencies
10/25/2021 | HZDR
Ford, Ansys Accelerate Development of Next-Generation Predictive Headlight Technology
10/25/2021 | ANSYS
Amazon Opens New Robotics Facility in the U.S. with Over 200 New Manufacturing Jobs
10/25/2021 | Business Wire
Monitoring Glucose Levels, No Needles Required
10/22/2021 | Pennsylvania State University

Cadence Digital, Custom/Analog Flows Achieve the Latest TSMC N3 and N4 Certifications
10/22/2021 | Cadence Design Systems
Optomec’s 3D Printed Electronics Solution Increases 5G Signals by up to 100%
10/22/2021 | Business Wire
Toggled Launches Toggled iQ Smart Building Control Solutions for Sustainable Operations
10/22/2021 | NREL
NREL, Mines Insight Could Lead to Better Silicon Solar Panels
10/22/2021 | NREL
NIST, Collaborators Develop Sensitive New Way of Detecting Transistor Defects
10/22/2021 | NIST
Energy Storage Ecosystem Offers Lowest-Cost Path to 100% Renewable Power
10/21/2021 | NREL
Universities, DENSO Develop Biosensor to Detect SARS-CoV-2
10/21/2021 | JCN Newswire
Learn How to Avoid Solder Defects With New Book Authored by Indium Corporation
10/21/2021 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team
Siemens Accelerates IP Validation by 1,000X at Arm using ML-powered Solido Variation Designer on AWS Graviton2
10/21/2021 | Siemens
DuPont Microcircuit Materials Introduces New Silver Pastes for In-Mold Electronics
10/20/2021 | PRWEB
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