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Panasonic Accelerates the Autonomous Supply Chain; Acquires Blue Yonder
New Today | Business Wire
New Conductive Polymer Ink Opens For Next-Generation Printed Electronics
New Today | Linköping University
Skyworks to Acquire the Infrastructure & Automotive Business of Silicon Labs
New Today | Business Wire
SEMI Lauds Introduction of Endless Frontier Act to Boost U.S. Technology Innovation
New Today | SEMI
Avance Clinical to Present 'Decentralized Trials - No Going Back' for Oracle Health Sciences Connect
04/22/2021 | ACN Newswire
New Method Measures Super-fast, Free Electron Laser Pulses
04/22/2021 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Siemens Digital Industries Software Partners with Siemens Energy
04/22/2021 | PRNewswire
SIA Applauds Introduction of Endless Frontier Act to Advance U.S. Technology Leadership
04/21/2021 | SIA
ASUS Envisions AI-Powered Future in the Healthcare Ecosystem
04/21/2021 | Business Wire
Workers Are Reluctant to Admit They Lack Tech Skills
04/20/2021 | Business Wire

Hans-Peter Tranitz: Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award Recipient

April 22, 2021 | Patty Goldman, I-Connect007

In this wide-ranging interview, Patty Goldman speaks with Continental Automotive’s Peter Tranitz about his IPC involvement with press-fit and other automotive standards which have earned him the coveted Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award.

I-Connect007 'Just Ask' Q&A Compilation Available Now

April 21, 2021 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team

Throughout 2020, we asked you to send us your questions for Happy Holden, John Mitchell, Joe Fjelstad, Tara Dunn, and Heidi Barnes. You all had plenty of questions for these industry experts. The following is a handy compilation of your questions and their answers.

Headset Advisor: Can You Hear Me Now?

February 15, 2021 | I-Connect007 Editorial Team

Dan Feinberg and Nolan Johnson recently spoke with David Merritt of Headset Advisor, a company that specializes in supplying headsets to businesses and call centers of all sizes. They discuss the company’s business model, how the pandemic has affected their business, and how the needs of employees have changed in the past year.

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Driving Cost Out of Your Supply Chain Featuring:

  • Supply Chain Cost Management is a Holistic Business Approach Interview with Tim Rodgers
  • A New Captive PCB Facility in the U.S. Interview with Jessi Hall and Diane Maceri
  • What Makes a Great Supply Chain Manager? by Tim McLean
  • 10 Ways to Identify Counterfeit ICs by Bill Cardoso
  • IPC Managers Forum: Vertical Integration by Pete Starkey
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Focus on Manufacturing Featuring:

  • Benchmarking Your Process Engineering Interview with Mark Thompson
  • Driving Down Cost With Process Engineering Interview with Matt Mack
  • Reinvigorate Your Manufacturing Infrastructure by Mark Goodwin
  • Selling for the Best by Dan Beaulieu
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The Simulation Issue Featuring:

  • Barry Olney’s High-Speed Simulation Primer, Interview with Barry Olney
  • Bridging the Simulation Tool Divide, Interview with Todd Westerhoff
  • Simulation Stackup and Signal Integrity, by Martyn Gaudion
  • Why We Simulate, by Bill Hargin
  • Alternatives to Simulation, by Dan Beeker
  • Using Simulation to Assist With PCB Design, by John Coonrod
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