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Bruisable Artificial Skin Could Help Prosthetics, Robots Sense Injuries
06/22/2021 | ACS
Combating Fatigue With Autonomy
06/22/2021 | Texas A&M University
Scientists Discover How Oxygen Loss Saps a Lithium-Ion Battery’s Voltage
06/22/2021 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Continental, Elektrobit Bring First Automotive Supplier In-vehicle Integration of Amazon’s Alexa Custom Assistant
06/22/2021 | Elektrobit
N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts May 2021 Billings, Extends Record Streak
06/22/2021 | SEMI
Intel’s Silicon, Software Accelerate 5G, Edge
06/22/2021 | Business Wire
Analog Devices, Keysight Collaborate to Speed Development of O-RAN Solutions
06/22/2021 | Business Wire
Solar Energy Collectors Grown from Seeds
06/22/2021 | Rice University
NEC to Jointly Develop RIC for Advanced Operations of Open RAN with NTT DOCOMO
06/22/2021 | ACN Newswire
Paving the Way for Smart Factories
06/21/2021 | Intel

An often-overlooked part of a business’s key protocols is business continuity planning. These are the steps your company will take when faced with “business unusual,” when corporate life or death is a very real potential.

The Top Five Reasons Products Fail EMI Testing

May 12, 2021 | Kenneth Wyatt, Wyatt Technical Services

The three top product failures that Ken Wyatt sees constantly in his consulting practice are radiated emissions, radiated susceptibility, and electrostatic discharge. After reviewing and testing hundreds of products over the years, he's come to the conclusion that products fail these tests for five common reasons. Read on!

Exciting Advances From NVIDIA’s GPU

May 3, 2021 | Dan Feinberg, I-Connect007

NVIDIA’s Graphics Processing Technology Conference was, as expected, a showcase of new developments, as well as an opportunity for engineers and developers to learn, enhance skills, and discuss new ideas. Just hearing about all the amazing new developments and the accelerating expansion of AI in virtually all aspects of modern society gives those who attended a better idea of just how much AI is and will continue to change their work and our world.

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