Aurora Mobile Signs 5G Agreement with Beijing Unicom

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Aurora Mobile Limited, a leading mobile developer service provider in China, announced that it has entered into a 5G strategic cooperation framework agreement and a 5G messaging connection test agreement with China United Network Communications Limited Beijing Branch. The two milestone agreements make Aurora Mobile a 5G strategic partner and 5G messaging partner of Beijing Unicom, marking the start of a new chapter in Aurora Mobile’s development as it collaborates with telecom carriers to promote 5G messaging applications in China.

5G messaging, also known as Rich Communication Services, is an important part of the new-generation digital infrastructure. Not only will 5G RCS upgrade communication services by replacing traditional short message services, but it also represents a key inflection point for the information service industry. 5G RCS platforms, which are based on next-generation international information service standards, will support diversified multimedia formats beyond texts, including audio and video, eCards and location information, significantly expanding the range of messages people can send and receive. It will also enable a more in-depth interactive communication experience for users, allowing them to access “one-stop services” in the message windows, with functions that cover searches, discovery, interaction and payments.   

The agreement signed with Beijing Unicom for supporting the connection test for 5G RCS messages demonstrates the industry-wide acclaim and trust that Aurora Mobile commands for its 5G RCS technical capabilities. Next steps will involve Aurora Mobile keeping pace with the rapid deployment of 5G infrastructure in China, providing additional support to fuel Beijing Unicom's 5G RCS messaging ecosystem, gaining more insights into customer needs, and expanding high-quality 5G service offerings.

Going forward, Aurora Mobile will continue to leverage its competitive advantages in the field of mobile Internet and big data analysis and processing by actively supporting the development of 5G markets through its cooperation with Beijing Unicom and all parties across the 5G industry ecological chain. The Company will continue to focus on the exploration, innovation and development of intelligent applications based on 5G RCS messaging technology, as it further supports the communication services ecosystem and accelerates digital transformation across various industries.



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